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How to apply denture adhesive to avoid embarrassing slips

Author: The American College of Prosthodontists

According to a recent "Fixodent Beauty & Aging" study, of women 40 and older, the prospect of needing full or partial dentures one day is a real fear. Like many of the patients we meet on a daily basis, they have a wide range of concerns. According to the survey, for women worried about getting dentures, 61 percent say it would ease their worries to know "their dentures would stay in place." Although this study focused on women, men also experience the same concerns about wearing dentures with confidence.

The idea of dentures dislodging during dinner with friends, or a meeting with colleagues can be mortifying, and understandably so. If your dentures don't fit well, you should seek the care of a prosthodontist. However, if you need some extra protection to help you avoid potentially embarrassing slips, you should consider using a secure denture adhesive.

As a new denture wearer, you probably have a few questions about using denture adhesive for the first time. To help you to continue living life confidently, we've developed a few tips to keep in mind when using denture adhesive:

  • Use a denture adhesive that is right for you. There are several denture varieties available, including full and partial, so you should ask your prosthodontist which adhesive would best fit your needs then try a few to find the one that is right for you.
  • Apply the right amount of cream denture adhesive. For your upper denture, apply three or four dabs of denture cream, the size of a pencil eraser, on the upper part of the denture that fits against the roof of your mouth. For your lower denture, distribute three or four dabs, also the size of a pencil eraser, evenly around the inside area of your lower denture. If excessive denture cream oozes out of the denture after you bite on it, then you know you used too much.
  • If your prosthodontist recommends the use of a powder denture adhesive, you should sprinkle the powder onto the moist inner surface of either denture then distribute the powder over the surface by shaking or vibrating the denture, then discarding the excess. The process is very similar to "flouring a cake pan."
  • Apply denture adhesive when you need it. Denture adhesive can be applied at any time during the day – as soon as you wake up and are getting ready to put your dentures in, or in the middle of the day right before you go out to meet your friend for lunch. Some denture adhesives are available in a convenient travel size, so you can take it with you and use it whenever you need to.
  • Always remember to remove your dentures before going to bed, clean your dentures thoroughly and place them in a container which provides a moist environment from water or a commercial denture cleanser.


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