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A couple in their 40s are eating burgers, one of them is wearing dentures. The text "When there's Fixodent, there's no difference" and the gold packshot of Fixodent ultra dual power denture adhesive appears.

When there’s Fixodent, there’s no difference.


So, you are wearing dentures.

So what? Forget it. It makes no difference, at least when it comes to what matters most: your spirit, your passions, your lust for life.

Think that your barbecue parties are over? That time for movies and popcorn has come to an end? Grill your corn on the cob and show who’s the star.

You want to live your life to the fullest: dining more, traveling more, laughing more, dating more and sharing your experiences with friends, not to mention all your Facebook friends…

And you don’t want any of those moments to be spoiled by unnecessary anxiety over your dentures. You know that uncomfortable feeling of being judged and scrutinized by people? Feeling different from others? Forget it.

With the help of Fixodent no one will ever spot the difference between who’s wearing dentures and who isn’t. So keep them guessing.

When there’s Fixodent, there’s no difference.

Can you guess who’s wearing dentures?

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Our best denture adhesive ever, Fixodent Ultra Dual Power gives you an unbeatable hold* and strong seal against food infiltrations.

*vs Fixodent Lineup

Our Ultimate Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Ultra Dual Power

A close up of the gold and blue box of Fixodent Ultra Dual Power on a blue background with the text "Our ultimate adhesive cream - Fixodent Ultra Dual Power."