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Choosing between Dentures or Implants

You probably know what dentures are, but what about implants? Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures to fill the gap left behind by missing teeth. Although the process of getting implants is more invasive than dentures, they also have more benefits. Getting implants or dentures is a long term commitment, so besides reading our comprehensive guide, you should also consult a professional dentist in order to make a proper, well-informed decision.

Dentures or Implants – Get to Know Your Options

Additional Information to Help You Make Your Decision


If you’re still not sure whether you’re team implants or dentures, you can learn more about dentures, as well as learn more about temporary and permanent dentures to make your decision more easily. You can also look through our detailed explanation on full/complete dentures and partial dentures.

Piggy bank

One factor that may hold you back from getting dental implants is cost. Dental implants are the most expensive solution, and you can learn more about the average costs of implants here.


And just in case you still have questions about different dental procedures, including implants, read our FAQ on all things implant, bridge, and partial related.