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Types of Dentures

A woman in her 50s is smiling with a cup of coffee as thanks to Fixodent she can live a full life with complete dentures

Full or complete dentures take up your whole upper or lower jaw of your mouth. This type is what you think of when you picture a denture. See our guide on what complete dentures are and how dentures are made.

A group of friends, two men and two women, enjoy a glass of wine in a vineyard with snacks, thanks to Fixodent, one of them can live a full life with partial dentures.

Not sure what a partial denture is? Our guide will take you on tour through the partial dentures and the types available out there.

A couple in their 50s are laughing and smiling in a garden as one of them can live a happy life thanks to Fixodent with immediate dentures

Immediate or permanent dentures? Get to know the difference between the two and what circumstances may call for immediate or temporary dentures.

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