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Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Professional

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Adhesive Cream

Fixodent Professional

Designed with dentists
Selling brand
Fixodent Professional - Best multifunctional adhesive formula

Fixodent Professional gives you our best technologies combined:

Our best denture adhesive yet provides your dentures with an unbeatable hold* that lasts all day, while giving you a superior** barrier against food infiltration and the best antibacterial action*. Designed with dentists, it also effectively protects from gum irritation from the first use.

in Fixodent line-up    vs. Fixodent Original

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  • Provides a strong, long-lasting hold for up to 12 hours
  • Helps prevent gum irritation and soreness
  • Seals out food particles* so you can eat more of the food you love
  • Comes with Breath Bacteria Shield Technology
  • Features a neutral flavor
  • Comes with an ultra-thin nozzle for easier and more precise application.

*vs no adhesive

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Trust badge section - Fixodent Professional is designed with dentists for your comfort

Designed with dentists

Fixodent Professional has been developed with dentists to give you unbeatable hold* and effective protection against gum irritation from day 1**. In a clinical study, the use of the adhesive resulted in 100% of denture wearers experiencing less gum irritation when eating hard foods compared to no adhesive.

*in Fixodent line-up

**with hard foods vs. no adhesive

Trust badge section - Fixodent is the number 1 dentist recommended denture adhesive brand

#1 Dentures Adhesive Brand*

Try the best denture adhesive to date from the #1 denture adhesive brand*. With a strong hold, gum protection, and strong food seal, Fixodent is the #1 denture adhesive brand recommended by dentists**.

*Based on U.S. sales data reported w/e 7/2/22

**among dentists that recommend brands of adhesive.

Product Benefits

Product Benefits - Best Gum Protection
Best Gum Protection*

Forms a superior** seal between your dentures and gums to prevent food infiltration and gum irritation***, resulting in a better denture wearing experience.

Product Benefits - Best Hold
Best Hold*

Fixodent Professional’s best hold technology reduces the movement and rubbing of dentures, keeping them securely in place.

Product Benefits - Best Food Seal
Best Food Seal*

The adhesive’s innovative antibacterial technology helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, the number one cause behind bad breath.

Product Benefits - Precise application
Precise application*

Equipped with a super thin nozzle to allow for an easy and precise dosing. Avoid oozing by applying in thin lines not too close to the denture’s edges.

*best technologies in Fixodent line-up

**vs. Fixodent Original

***with hard foods vs. no adhesive

How to use Fixodent Professional

Step 1 - Clean and dry your dentures properly before applying adhesive.
Step 1

Clean and dry your dentures properly before applying adhesive.

How to use - Step 2: Apply adhesive in thin continuous lines
Step 2

Apply adhesive in thin continuous lines as shown or less. You might need a few tries to find out the ideal amount for your individual denture.

How to use - Step 3: Insert your denture and hold it briefly in place
Step 3

Insert your denture and hold it briefly in place. In case you notice oozing, you’ve probably used too much adhesive.

How to use - step 4: To remove your denture, rinse your mouth with warm water and rock denture gently until it loosens
Step 4

To remove your denture, rinse your mouth with warm water and rock denture gently until it loosens. Keep your denture moist when not in use.

Do Not:

  • Use more product than advised. You might need a few tries to work out what the ideal amount for your denture is. If the product oozes from the denture in your mouth, that’s a sign that you’re using too much.

  • Use the product more than once a day. With proper use, a regular 40g tube should last 7 weeks.

  • Use excess product for poorly fitting dentures. Consult your dentist regularly to ensure you have a properly fitted denture. A poorly fitting denture may impair your health.

  • For more information about our best denture adhesive yet, please visit the product’s FAQ section.

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*in Fixodent line-up
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