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Fixodent Ultra Max Hold

Fixodent Ultra Max HoldBuy now

Fixodent Ultra Dual Power

Fixodent Ultra Dual PowerBuy now
A close up of a set of dentures being held by a dental technitian, demonstrating how to brush dentures before instructing on how to use Fixodent denture adhesive.

Benefits of Using Fixodent Denture Adhesive

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Fixodent Extra Hold Powder

Fixodent Extra Hold PowderBuy now

Fixodent Plus Gum Care

Fixodent Plus Gum CareBuy now

Fixodent Complete Original

Fixodent Complete OriginalBuy now
A couple in their fifties sit in a kitchen smiling and having breakfast, the man is confident even though he is wearing dentures thanks to Fixodent Ultra Max Hold.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixodent

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Fixodent Pure Strength

Fixodent Pure StrengthBuy now

Fixodent Complete Fresh Mint

Fixodent Complete Fresh MintBuy now

Fixodent Plus True Feel

Fixodent Plus True FeelBuy now

Fixodent Plus Scope

Fixodent Plus ScopeBuy now

Fixodent Complete Free

Fixodent Complete FreeBuy now

Fixodent 3 Minute Cleanser

Fixodent 3 Minute CleanserBuy now

Fixodent Ultra Plus Scope

Fixodent Ultra Plus ScopeBuy now
A couple are hugging in a kitchen and smiling, they both have wide, white smiles, as they discuss how does denture adhesive work.

How Does Denture Adhesive Work?

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Fixodent Plus Breath Bacteria Guard

Fixodent Plus Bacteria GuardBuy now

Find the right Fixodent denture adhesive for you

If you’re looking to buy Fixodent, let us help you find the right denture adhesive for you. Whether you are a complete or partial denture wearer, with our wide range of Fixodent products ranging from denture adhesive creams and powder to cleansers, you’ll be sure to find a Fixodent product that’s the right fit!

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