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A group of 30-something women toast in a garden party with the text "Living with dentures" on the banner. They know they can still have fun living with dentures with help from Fixodent.

Tips on Living with Dentures

Life doesn’t stop just because you get dentures, but we’re not going to say things won’t be a little different at first. Whether you are a partial or full denture wearer, it will take some time getting used to eating and speaking again, so it’s not the best idea to grab that corn on the cob or sticky spare ribs just yet (but don’t worry, you’ll soon be eating those again like a pro). You’ll have new additions to your daily routine – like cleaning your dentures – and you may feel a little shy about smiling. But the good news is life with dentures doesn’t have to be a huge change. Read on to learn about adjusting to life with dentures!