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A couple in their forties are having breakfast in a bright white kitchen and are discussing the types of dental implants right for them.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Discover Fixodent’s Strongest Denture Adhesive! | Fixodent

When it comes to finding the right denture adhesive, it might be a challenge to find the ONE for you. Finding the perfect match for your unique personality is no easy task (after all, there’s no dating website for denture adhesives). You want them to make you feel secure, to hold you tight when you need them, and you want to taste all the delicious things life has to offer in their company. It can get frustrating: You’ve tried and tried, and after all these years you still haven’t succeeded in settling down with a reliable denture adhesive that sticks around no matter what. You’ve been disappointed by every time your denture adhesive does not hold, will not stick, and you’ve been let down one too many times. We’re here to help you find the right denture adhesive for you. 

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Our Strongest Denture Adhesive – Fixodent Ultra Max Hold

Consider Your Search for Our Strongest Denture Adhesive Ever!

We may just have the denture adhesive you’re looking for! Fixodent Ultra Max Hold keeps your dentures firmly in place all day long with an unbeatable bond that not even a powerlifter could break apart. Plus, it helps your dentures act and feel more like natural teeth.

By using Fixodent Ultra Max Hold, you can now welcome back the foods you stopped eating when you started wearing dentures. Would you fancy a dinner starting with a corn on the cob, followed by a medium-rare steak with some crispy potato chips on the side? Go right ahead! There’s nothing stopping you from returning to the delicious eats your old self loved. Apples, steak and carrots are just a few of the many foods that you can safely eat once again, thanks to the strong hold provided by Fixodent Ultra Max Hold. The question is no longer what can you eat with dentures, but whether you want to eat Mexican, Italian, or a juicy burger tonight? All your favorites are back on the table.

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Fixodent Ultra Max Hold


Don’t Let Your Dentures Limit Your Ability to Live Life to the Fullest

Remember, to live is to conquer – whether it’s a T-bone steak or your loved one’s heart. Do it with the confidence that Fixodent Ultra Max Hold gives you.