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A man in his 40s sits in front of a white laptop, smiling as he learns about how to clean partial dentures on the Fixodent website.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

How to Clean Partials?

We understand that as a partial denture wearer, you might feel different than those with full dentures since you’ve still got your natural teeth that need to be taken care of, as well as your partial. If you take proper care of your partial, it will not only last longer, but most importantly, your partial will let you live your life to the fullest. That means eating whatever you want, doing your favorite sports, laughing with your mouth wide open, and being confident in yourself. That’s why oral care is so important.

By taking good care of your partial, it will remain naturally white and you can keep showing off that beautiful bright smile of yours. The first step is cleaning your partial properly every day – preferably after every meal.

Clean Your Partial in 4 Easy Steps

  • Before you start cleaning your partial, fill up a sink with water or stand over a folded towel, in case you accidentally drop the denture.

  • Now, take your partial out and wash it in cold water.

  • Next, moisten your denture brush (a regular, soft-bristled toothbrush also works great), apply denture cleaner or a non-abrasive toothpaste, and start gently brushing your partial to remove food deposits, any remains of denture adhesive, and plaque.

  • When you have finished, rinse your partial off one more time, now in warm water.

How to Clean Your Partial

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid using hot water, as it may warp your partial.

  • Giving your partial a daily clean will help prevent your denture from becoming permanently stained, as well as remove the visible signs of coffee, tea, and other yellowing substances.

  • Avoid using whitening toothpastes or abrasive household cleaners to clean your partial.

  • If you’re cleaning partial dentures with metal attachments, make sure that you brush gently in order to avoid bending the attachments.

Take Care of Your Dentures at Night

At night, after you’ve cleaned your partial, place it in a soaking solution or a glass of water to keep it moist until the next day, otherwise the acrylic will dry out over time, causing the denture to not fit as well. In addition, your gum tissues also need some time to rest: without a little break, the tissue beneath your partial can get infected and irritated. Before you place your partial denture back into your mouth in the morning, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly in warm water. Do this daily for clean and stainless partials. This way, you will become a professional partial denture cleaner!