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Posted: 06.10.2021

Denture Repair: What to Do if Your Dentures Break

Dentures, whether partial or full, are typically made from durable materials such as acrylic and metal and are built to last for a long period of time. However, accidents can and do happen, resulting in the need for repair. Then there’s also what dental professionals call material fatigue (the weakening of the material as a result of repeated loading), which can weaken the denture. When your denture unexpectedly breaks, or you notice small cracks appearing, it’s time to fix them as soon as possible. This is when proper denture repair becomes inevitable!

Read on to learn about the most common causes of broken dentures, what to do in case your denture snaps, and how to avoid getting your false teeth damaged in the first place.

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Common Causes of Broken Dentures

There are several factors that contribute to your dentures getting broken, general wear and tear being one of them. Durable as they are, dentures do experience a large amount of stress and strain over their lifespan, what with all the biting, grinding, and pressure they undergo during the course of a day, seven days a week, for years on end. As a result, the older your dentures, the more prone they will be to cracks and loosening, which can lead to sores, irritation, and other oral health issues. Eating hard foods, thermal damage (the effect hot and cold items have on your dentures), as well as consuming foods and drinks with high acidity are also among the most common causes of broken dentures.

When Is Denture Repair Needed?

If you take proper care of your dentures, they should last you anywhere between 5 to 10 years before you will have to replace them. Still, paying a visit to your dentist regularly for a dental checkup will ensure that you can correct any developing issues you may have with your dentures, so that you can keep them from incurring more serious harm.

What Should You Do if Your Dentures Break?

If and when your dentures break, instead of looking up videos on how to temporarily fix your false teeth on YouTube, we recommend you schedule a denture-repair appointment with your dental professional immediately. In case you’ve got a set of spare dentures at home, all the better: You can use that as a replacement until your main set of dentures has been restored.

Can You Repair Broken Dentures at Home?

You can use a denture repair kit at home in an emergency to make some quick, short-term fixes to your broken dentures without causing further damage. But this is only a temporary solution and you should consult your dentist and have your damaged dentures repaired by a dental lab.

How to Avoid Broken Dentures

As mentioned above, time and daily duress are the greatest challenges with your dentures. As such, your best bet at preventing broken dentures is making sure you’re taking proper care of your dentures and sticking to an oral hygiene routine. This means cleaning and brushing your dentures regularly over a full sink of water (with a face towel placed in the sink to soften the impact if you drop the dentures); rinsing them thoroughly after removal; and soaking them in a glass of denture-cleaning solution overnight.

FAQs about Denture Repair

What kind of glue can you use to repair dentures?

The cracks in your dentures cannot be fixed using any type of glue, as it will not be able to withstand the cyclical load applied to your dentures during the chewing process. Also, most glues are unsuitable for use in the mouth.

How can I fix my dentures?

In an emergency, you can temporarily fix your dentures using a denture repair kit. However, your dentures still need to be looked at by a professional. Never use other adhesives and glue products to repair your dentures, as they are not designed for dental work and contain toxic substances.

Can dentures that have broken in half be repaired?

In case your dentures have broken in two, they might have to be sent to a dental lab for repairs. In many cases, they might have to be completely replaced.

What is a denture repair kit?

Usually found at pharmacies, denture repair kits typically include a bonding material, while some may also include a variety of false teeth that can temporarily replace the one that has fallen out of your denture. However, these kits offer only temporary solutions: Your first choice should still be visiting your prosthodontist.

Why do my dentures keep cracking?

Cracks appearing on your dentures have to do with the stress cycles they undergo during daily wear, including the pressure from chewing and shifts in temperature. It’s a gradual and natural part of your denture’s life, which you can prevent by taking proper care of your false teeth.

Can I glue a tooth back on my dentures?

You can glue a broken tooth back onto your denture with the special bonding material found in a typical denture repair kit, but it will only stay there temporarily. For a permanent fix, go to your dentist.

Broken dentures don’t have to be the end of the world. Asking your dentist for an emergency dental appointment right away will allow you to get back to eating and speaking faster, while a spare set of dentures can come in handy while your dentures are being repaired. Don’t forget, prevention is always better than a cure! If you treat your dentures right and visit your dentist regularly, you can considerably expand their lifespan.

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