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A couple are walking through a park holding hands and smiling, as they learn to live a healthy lifestyle with dentures.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Healthy Lifestyle with New Dentures

Making adjustments in your life does not have to be daunting, it can be exciting! As you get accustomed to your new dentures and denture adhesive, there are things you can do to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It always is important to sustain overall good nutrition but especially as you enter transition periods. Get enough sleep and optimal amounts of all nutrients, limit alcohol and avoid tobacco and, of course, exercise every day – it is essential to overall good health! 

In this article:

Benefits of Exercise 

  • The feel good factor. Exercise, also known as Mother Nature's antidepressant, can have a direct effect on your overall mood and self-confidence.  

  • Get more energy and feel less fatigue. Adding movement to your day boosts energy by 20 percent or more and reduces fatigue up to 65 percent! 

  • Helps stress. Along with enhancing body chemistry and reducing stress hormones, exercise lowers blood pressure and fills the lungs and tissues with oxygen. Stretching also relieves muscle tension throughout the body and oxygenates the brain.  

In short, if you want more energy, you need to move more every single day. Boosting your energy level can have a direct impact on your overall mood and therefore help to maintain that sense of confidence.

Thousands of studies spanning decades of research show over and over again that regular exercise is as effective as medication in boosting mood in most people – young and old, male and female

Add Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

It might even be helpful to add daily exercise into your new morning routine of handling and caring for your dentures. Getting that energy boost first thing in the morning might just do more for you than you know!

When adding exercise into your daily routine, do two of the following each day: 

  • Aerobic activity:  walking, swimming, dancing, kickboxing, jogging, etc. 

  • Strength training:  lifting weights, doing Pilates or calisthenics, such as sit-ups 

  • Warm-up and cool-down:  flexibility movements, yoga, stretching, etc.

Some forms of exercise can be more strenuous than others, so go with one that feels right for you. If you want to go for something more active and you’re worried about dentures coming loose, use a strong denture adhesive to feel more confident and secure.

You can look and feel your best while wearing dentures. Confidence is the best accessory and we’re here to help you adjust quickly to your new dentures and feel your best, so you can go about your life with health and confidence.