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A couple are in the park taking a selfie of themselves, they both have white, brilliant smiles, even tough one of them has dentures, they feel beautiful.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Feeling Beautiful with Dentures

Most women over the age of 40 have a common concern — and that is aging and having their looks change. One of the learnings from the Fixodent Beauty & Aging Survey, was that women over the age of 40 are most likely to say that their smile is the first physical feature that people notice about them. Not their gray hairs or aging eyes. But their smiles!

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As with most significant changes, getting used to what you look like with dentures may take some time. But don’t worry, you are not alone! This is what happens to everyone. But you should never forget that the ultimate purpose of dentures is to help you boost your confidence, so you can enjoy your favorite activities and foods without any difficulties. Luckily, dentists go to great lengths to create esthetically pleasing, cosmetic dentures for their patients.

The good thing about cosmetic dentures is that they look great. But even better is the fact that they look real. So they can help boost your confidence and be braver in social situations. What’s more, cosmetic dentures can also improve your facial features. Once you’ve had your teeth removed, your jawbone may shrink, which could make you look older. Luckily, cosmetic dentures can stop this from happening so you can feel as young as ever!

Smile More Often with Dentures!

Smiling is a topic that can be very frightening for new denture wearers. But once they’ve adjusted to living with dentures and denture adhesive, their new smile will start to feel like their own. The difference, which at first may appear to be glaring them in the face, is not obvious to others. However, as they get used to wearing their dentures, their new pearly whites will eventually help them feel more confident, with a smile that appears healthy and natural. Matter of fact, 67 percent say they smile more often since getting dentures!

Fixodent Professional is our best adhesive cream yet, giving you unbeatable hold and effective protection against gum irritation from day 1*. It gives you comfort and confidence to help you adjust quicker to this new chapter in your life and smile more freely.

*with hard foods vs. no adhesive

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Dentures are not a beauty taboo anymore

Now, we know that dentures are not often talked about, as it is rather a taboo beauty word. But when you think about it, it was just about 10 years ago when we would never speak of Botox® or even admit we had it. We also never mentioned hair loss or breast implants or bikini waxes — at one point; these were all taboo subjects too. And look at where we are today! Women are discussing topics about aging more openly with one another and are sharing information. We are even devoting full sections of our beauty magazines to dealing with these topics. Women today have a laundry list of gripes from here to eternity about aging. However, the obvious truth is that no matter what we do — if we get a face lift or if we get our eyes done — we are just going to continue to age, thankfully! And with such, we are going to have to continue dealing with all of it! Therefore, we think it is about time that we bring the subject of dentures into the world of beauty.

Spread the awareness!

It is very important to share information amongst ourselves regarding this topic that affects roughly 20 million women ages 40 and above because women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and well into their 80s still want to be beautiful and still want to be appreciated. Women who are wearing dentures, or are facing it as a real possibility soon, need to be comforted by the fact that they are not dealing with it alone. There is no reason that more than three million women need to live in fear of doing something as simple as eating with dentures in public. New denture wearers can rely on as a place where they can have their questions answered and hear from women just like them, dealing with the same issues.

For more of our best beauty tips and tricks to help you feel more confident with your new smile, as well as other helpful tools for adjusting to life with your new dentures, keep a lookout for new posts from us.

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