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A woman in her 50s in a white dressing gown looks into a mirror confidently, as she knows how to shift the focus from her dentures.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Simple Beauty Tips for Denture Wearers

Whether it is a few more smile lines around the corners of your mouth, some stray white hairs that pop up or new a set of pearly whites, as women age, we have to make a few adjustments to our lives. Changing something that may have worked for all of these years can be intimidating; however, it can also be a lot of fun!

Try Our Beauty Tips!

One way to help adjust to living with dentures and denture adhesive  is to work on shifting the focus on your face. Take the attention away from your mouth and bring it up — try a sexy new hairstyle or dare to be fabulous with your eye makeup! Here are a few tips for directing the focus on your face, as well as a few up-keep tricks. 


  • Keep your hair style un-coiffed and contemporary (even if it’.s grey!). Movement and a relaxed sexy hair attitude are the keys to your looks whether you keep your hair long, layered in a bob, or short and tousled. 

  • Use hair color as 24/7 makeup! Go warmer or add highlights to soften facial lines and make up for pigment loss. If you’.re currently a brunette — think tortoiseshell with a few multi-color highlights of caramel, butterscotch or cognac that are low-key. If you’re going blonde, keep the color broken up, not solid, for a natural sunny effect. 

  • Use Color Enhancing Shampoos Between Touch-Ups. This will prevent color from fading and some products do deposit a tiny amount of color. Add a glaze to keep dry hair looking shiny and healthy. 


  • Intensify eyes with a topcoat of dark shadow matching your liner. Smokey eyes can look messy on softened, crinkled eyes. Instead apply a dark brown or black shadow directly over your liner, using a firm tipped flat liner brush or a tapered foam-tip applicator to keep the line clean. 

  • Wear eyeliner for bigger, firmer, wide awake eyes! Liner powers up saggy, droopy lids, but women often skip it thinking mascara alone can do the job. Mascara just can’.t work alone. 

  • Fill in and correct skimpy balding brows. Thicker, gently arched brows look more youthful. If you’.ve over plucked yours and they never grew back, try a waxy balm and powder brow filler combo for a realistic look that stays put. 

For more of our best beauty tips and tricks to help you feel more confident with your new smile, as well as other helpful tools for adjusting to life with your new dentures, keep a lookout for new posts from us.