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Sleeping with Dentures

Just when you thought you’ve finally learned the ropes of brushing your teeth with the least amount of effort, life threw you a curve ball and you ended up with dentures. You spent a lifetime getting your routine to the way it is, but now that you’ve got new dentures it’s time for a change. Dentures come with their own unique cleaning instructions, and it’s also a good idea to take them out for the night – they have worked hard all day to help you bite through life, so they deserve a rest, too. We’re here with great tips and tricks to smooth out your nighttime routine and in no time it’ll all come naturally to you.

Night Routine with Dentures

Learn to Live with Dentures

Living with dentures introduces you to all kinds of life skills you never knew you needed. You’ll learn that cleaning your dentures requires carefulness, and that taking out your dentures at night may even be difficult the first couple of times, but soon you’ll have gained a brand-new skill!

However, you may face some “teething troubles” with new dentures, so we recommend you read our guide if you still have problems adjusting to new dentures. Living with dentures may seem overwhelming in the beginning but we can show you how it’s all done and soon you’ll live at ease with your new dentures.