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A dentist explains an image of a dental imprint to his patient, while she is smiling and confident because she knew what to expect at the dentist.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Denture Procedure – What to Expect When Getting Dentures?

“I’m so excited to go to the dentist,” said no one, ever. But going to the dentist for dentures doesn’t have to be a scary trip if you know what to expect. Remember the good old days when you’d get a piece of candy or a sticker after the dentist? You can think of it like that, except, in this instance you’ll walk out with dentures. Not as sexy as the candy, we know, but dentures do way more for you than sweets – they put a smile on your face, help you eat all your favorite foods, and give you confidence. If you’re not sure what to expect at the dentist, the denture process, or anything else, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

The Denture Process: How to Prepare for Getting Dentures

If you’re getting dentures for the first time, you will usually go through the following denture procedure: 

  • Find the right dentist. Letting someone poke inside your mouth requires a lot of trust, which is why it’s important to find the right dentist. Perhaps you already have a dentist you trust with the health of your teeth and gums, but if not, check with your healthcare provider for advice or search other community resources to find the right one for you. 

  • Know your options. Once you’ve got the right dentist, and you’re ready for dentures, get informed about the choices you may have. It’s important to know the choices available to you, as you can discus with your dentist which denture would be the best fit for you, as there are many types of dentures available for different needs.

  • Consider the costs. Cost is also something to think about, so you’ll want to figure out which options are best for your budget. There are different costs associated with getting new dentures, so your dentist can help you take that into account as well.

You’ll want to discuss all of this with your dentist before deciding which type of denture is right for you. Your dentist will give you advice to help you make the commitment to the denture that’s right for you, as well as tell you more about what to expect from the denture procedure.

Stages of Getting Dentures

So, what goes into getting a new set of dentures? There are a few steps you can expect when you go to the dentist and are preparing for dentures.

  • Your dentist will extract any necessary teeth. Tooth extraction is a part of life when it comes to getting dentures, whether you need only one tooth removed or several.

  • You may get temporary dentures. Your dentist may recommend you get immediate, also known as temporary dentures to help ease the transition period between tooth extraction and having your permanent dentures made.

  • Your dentures will be made to measure. Dentures take a while to be made. Your dentist takes the impressions of your mouth, makes wax models, and then the dentures are cast and created. You can see more about how dentures are made here. 

An infographic showing what to expect at the dentist: Step 1. Your dentist will extract any necessary teeth. Step 2. You may get temporary dentures. Step 3. Your dentures will be made to measure.
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The First Day With New Dentures

You’ve now been through the tooth extraction process, and you’ve gotten your first set of dentures. So, what can you expect out of them? Just like anything new in life, it will take a little time to adjust. Even though your dentures have been made just for you, it’s normal for your mouth and jaw to change after having teeth removed, so your dentist will make some adjustments to fix your dentures if they don’t fit properly. You may even need to come back to get them adjusted in a couple of months.

It’s also normal for your mouth and gums to be a little sore at first, but after some time, you can start using a denture adhesive. A denture adhesive will keep your dentures fixed in place, so that you can chew and bite better, and your gums won’t get irritated.

It’s a good idea to stock up on denture adhesive in advance so you’re fully prepared for life with dentures. Fixodent offers a strong formula that provides an all-day hold, allowing you to bite through life with confidence.

Although it’s perfectly normal, you may find it challenging to speak and eat with dentures at first, and even cleaning dentures can take some getting used to. But Fixodent is here for you, whether you need an adhesive to keep dentures in place or tips on how to keep living life to the fullest.

What to Expect When Wearing Dentures: Part 1
What to Expect When Wearing Dentures: Part 2

How do you prepare your mouth for dentures?

If you’ve had your teeth extracted or are getting them extracted before getting dentures, then follow your dentist’s advice on keeping your mouth clean and what foods to eat and avoid.

You’ll probably need to follow a mostly liquid diet at first to let your mouth heal. Also, your mouth might feel stretched with new dentures, and if your skin is dry, it could cause cracks on the lips or skin. Try to keep your mouth and lips moisturized before getting dentures to avoid this.

How painful is getting dentures?

It’s perfectly normal to feel a little sore in your mouth and gums at first, but with denture adhesive, you can minimize the discomfort. Denture adhesive can help keep your dentures fixed in place, so your gums won’t get irritated.

What to expect when getting dentures for the first time?

Your permanent dentures will be made to measure. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and make a wax model to get the dentures cast for the best fit. Once you’ve had any necessary teeth extracted, you may get temporary dentures at first to help ease the transition between tooth extraction and permanent dentures.

What is the first step to getting dentures?

In order to get dentures made to fit your mouth perfectly, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and make a wax model so they can cast the dentures.

What should you expect from a dentist?

Your dentist will discuss your denture options with you and advise you about which denture is right for you. The process can be daunting, especially if you need any teeth removed, so feel free to ask your dentist questions about the procedure.

Where can I get dentures?

If you need to get dentures, talk to your dentist. You’ll need to get dentures made to measure, so it can be a longer process involving consultations, taking imprints of your mouth, and more.

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