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A Guide to Affordable Dentures

A Guide to Affordable Dentures

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Posted: Jul 23, 2022

Dentures can cost a lot, so it can be tempting to shop around for the cheapest set of dentures. However, what you make up in cost, you might lose in quality. This could make things expensive in the long run when you account for repairs and refitting, since the quality of the materials and the denture itself might not be as high. There are some things you can do to make dentures more affordable, so read on to learn all about affordable dentures, the pros and cons of cheap dentures, how to lower your costs and more.

How Much do Dentures Cost on Average

On average, dentures will cost around $1800 for a standard complete set of dentures, but the price will vary from dentist to dentist.

Three main things go into the price of your dentures: material, type, and how much they are customized. For example, acrylic-based dentures will be cheaper than porcelain dentures, and full dentures will cost more than partials.

Low-cost dentures can cost in the range of $300 and $500 per plate. Complete sets of lower and upper dentures can cost around $600 to $1000. Mid-priced dentures will start from $1000 and premium from $4000 for complete sets. You can compare the price ranges in the table below.

Low-cost dentures Mid-priced denturesPremium dentures
Per plate$300 to $500$500 to $1500$2000 to $4000
Complete set$600 to $1000$1000 to $3000$4000 to $8000

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Dentures

The main advantage of cheap dentures is the cost, but low-cost dentures have their drawbacks.

Going for lower-cost dentures means that you are going for cheaper materials that may be less durable and look less natural. It could cost more in the longer term in repairs and refits, as economy dentures are more likely to break or even shrink. You may also find they are less stable and might not fit as seamlessly.

You can see the pros and cons of cheap dentures below.

- Lower Cost- Cheaper material
- Looks less natural
- Less durable
- May shrink or fit incorrectly
- Can be less stable

Ways to Get Low-Cost Dentures

Are Low-Cost Dentures Covered by Dental Insurance?

Most full dental insurance that covers dentures have policies that will cover up to 50% of your denture costs. However, since your dental insurance will have an annual maximum cover limit, you’ll need to get the timing right. For example, if you’ve already had a dental procedure that year, your coverage may be less than 50%.

Normally, dental insurance has a maximum coverage cap of a median of $1,500, where preventative care like cleanings, x-rays and sealants are covered 100%, and basic procedures such as fillings, tooth extractions, and periodontal treatment get 80% coverages, while major procedures—including dentures—are covered 50%. However, this will depend on your dental insurance, so check with your provider.

How to Lower the Costs of Dentures

If you are looking for a way to save money on dentures, there are a few options available to you like:

  • Dental insurance. As mentioned before, you can get 50% of the cost of your denture covered by insurance if you haven’t had any other procedures that year.

  • Dental discount plans. Some denture discount plans can save you up to 70% on your dentures, depending on the plan and the dentures you get. The benefit of this is that there is no upper limit and may also include discounts on the necessary procedures you also need to get the dentures, like tooth extraction, x-rays, etc.

  • Federal coverage. The Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program covers dentures, but requirements and coverage will vary between plans, so check with the plan and your dentist.

  • Community health centers. Some community health centers offer free or discounted dentures.

  • Dental schools. Dental schools are full of dental students who need some real-life experience, and many of them offer low-cost treatment. Don’t worry though, a qualified dentist always supervises them, so you can call your nearest dental school for an appointment.

However, sometimes some offers are too good to be true, so avoid any online scams that may offer discounted dentures or denture services!

Getting Dentures for Free

Sometimes it’s possible to get free dentures. There are some options for those who are:

  • Veterans. If you are a former prisoner of war, have a service-related disability, or are unemployable due to service-related conditions, then you can receive full dental benefits, including dentures. However, not all veterans may be eligible, so check with your local VA center to see whether you qualify.

  • Seniors. If you are over 65, you are likely to be eligible for Medicare, and while this doesn’t cover dentures, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare and Medicaid have partnered up with a program called PACE, which helps seniors find the services they need, including dentures.

  • Disabled. You may be eligible for free dentures if you are disabled under 65 years old, are working disabled, or disabled and medically needy. You may already qualify for state programs, but if you are on SSI, you are automatically eligible for Medicaid. You may also need to apply to receive benefits at your local SSA office.

Where to Get Cheap Dentures

Not sure where to start on your hunt for cheap dentures? Here are a few places you can try to find low-cost dentures.

  • Local health departments. The U.S. government provides federal funding for programs that provide dental care and cheap dentures, so check out your local health department.

  • Dental schools. As mentioned before, dental schools are full of young trainee dentists looking for experience, so you could get cheap dental care under the supervision of a qualified and experienced dentists.

  • United Way. United Way is a community organization that try to help those in need in areas like education, financial stability, and health across the globe. This includes dental and denture initiatives so see if there is anything near you.

  • Community Health Centers. Community Health Centers are federally funded, so you should be able to find free or discounted dental services. If they can’t help your specific case, they might be able to advise you where to go.

  • Free dental clinics. If you live in a city, you may be able to go to a free or cheap dental clinic for your dentures. These are provided by the state and offer services at a discount, like dentures.

  • Local dentists. Sometimes your local dentist might offer low-cost dentures or can work out a payment plan with you at a good cost.

Find the Right Dentures

It’s important to find the right dentures for your needs. Although price is an important and deciding factor, sometimes getting a cheaper set of dentures could add up in costs if it doesn’t fit properly, needs repairing or relining often. Or maybe you’ll need to replace the dentures altogether! Explore the different types of dentures to see what’s available and what might suit your needs, but make sure you find the right specialist who can advise you and help you pick out the best denture for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Dentures

What is the cheapest price for dentures?

The cheapest dentures cost $300 per plate or $600 for a complete set of lower and upper dentures.

How much do dentures cost in Mexico?

The average cost of acrylic dentures in Mexico ranges from $200 to $1340, and for flexible partial dentures the price is around $250 to $835 and full dentures $230 to $1390.

How much do dentures cost in Canada?

In Canada, the price for standard dentures costs between $1100 per denture and can go up to $2600 (in CAD) per set.

What is the difference between economy and premium dentures?

The main difference between economy and premium dentures is the quality. Premium dentures are made with high quality materials and are digitally designed and milled using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology. They are made to be a perfect fit and to last. Economy dentures are made with cheaper materials and may require multiple patient visits for realignments and adjustments, so the costs can add up with extra appointments.

How can I save money on dentures?

You can save money on dentures with these cost-saving strategies:

  • Talk to your dentist about your options.

  • Shop for different dentures and compare the best prices.

  • Look into payment plan options.

  • Contact a local dental school, where trainee dentists under the supervision of qualified dentists can do dental work at a lower cost.

  • Go abroad to a country with cheaper dental care, like Mexico or Eastern Europe.

  • See if you are eligible for discounts or free dental care.

Can I get dentures on my medical card?

These are only covered on your medical card for emergencies, so you will require HSE approval for them.