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A man in his 30s smiles in the dentist's chair as the dentist explains to him the difference between temporary and permanent dentures, he is confident because he knows he can rely on Fixodent.

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Posted: 06.10.2021

Temporary vs. Permanent Dentures

Temporary dentures – also known as immediate dentures – are a type of removable denture that you can wear from the day of tooth extraction until the day you get your permanent dentures. Now that you know what immediate dentures are, we’ll shed some light on the many things they bring to the table to help you choose between the two most well-known teeth replacement methods. 

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Should You Get Immediate Dentures

The main reason why you should consider getting immediate dentures is that your gums need to be completely healed before they can be equipped with permanent dentures. If you don’t want to wait around with missing teeth during the two or three months leading up to you getting your permanent teeth replacement, immediate dentures are the way to go. 

Additional Advantages of Immediate Dentures

Besides giving you a boost of self-confidence and helping you come to terms with losing your teeth, immediate dentures may  

  • act as a support to minimize swelling and control bleeding in the gums 

  • maintain the soft tissue contour of your face  

  • help you eat and speak more easily while your mouth adapts to wearing dentures  

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

However, immediate dentures also have their disadvantages. On the one hand, they cannot be tried in advance, thus their inside is only an estimate of what the bone might look like after your teeth are removed. The creation of full or partial immediate dentures may require up to five visits to your dentist, which comes with an increased cost. In addition, due to various general health and oral problems, immediate dentures may not be an option for some people. 

Should You Keep Your Temporary Dentures or Opt for a Permanent One

You can decide to keep your immediate dentures and wear them as a permanent solution: This way, you won’t have to pay for new dentures. However, if you opt for this route, you will need to have your immediate dentures realigned every so often by your dentist for a better fit, as your gum tissues will shrink as time goes by, changing the fit of your dentures. If you want, you can also keep them as a spare set of dentures in case your permanent dentures get damaged or lost, or if they have to be repaired or relined. Even so, permanent dentures are superior when it comes to providing a more natural fit and look. 

Before deciding on whether or not to get immediate dentures, discuss the pros and cons with your dentist. No matter how you choose, remember: Fixodent denture adhesives help to provide a strong hold and a comfortable fit for both immediate and permanent dentures. 

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