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Posted: 06.29.2022

All About Permanent Dentures

If you’re searching for a permanent solution for missing teeth, you’ve come to the right place! Let Fixodent help you become familiar with one of the most talked about types of false teeth and learn everything you need to know about fixed dentures—also called permanent dentures—including how long they last as well as the advantages and disadvantages when compared to other teeth-replacement methods!

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What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures or fixed dentures, just like the name suggests, are the permanent, fixed replacement of an entire row of teeth in your upper and lower jaw, carefully designed to look and feel just as if they were your own natural teeth—that means no false palate, no metal hooks, and no fake gums. Because of this, fixed dentures are considered the most aesthetic and most comfortable type of dental prosthesis, as well as the most expensive.

In essence, fixed dentures are comprised of a series of dental implants anchored firmly onto the living bone tissue, linked together by a bridge fitted to the natural contours of your mouth and made up of a fused metal-ceramic composition. As time goes by, the bone in your jaw will fuse together with the dental implants, providing you with the permanent security, strength, and feel of real teeth.

Types of Permanent Dentures

Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition or the size of their jawbone, they will receive either four or six implants (hence the terms “all-on-4” and “all-on-6”) in the lower or upper jawbone, which will serve as the supporting structure of the fixed denture bridge.


All-on-4 fixed dentures can hold a complete set of upper or lower replacement teeth, or 12 teeth with only four dental implants.


In some situations, a professional prosthodontist may suggest fixing the bridge on six implants instead of four. While this method requires the patient to have a larger jawbone (meaning that it’s not for everyone), it does give its owner superior stability in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

There are two sides not just to every coin, but to every type of denture as well. Let’s see some of the most important differences compared to other teeth-replacement methods:


  • You no longer have to worry about loose and slipping dentures
  • Feels just like natural teeth
  • You’ll never have to remake or replace them—they’re designed for the long term
  • Helps prevent bone loss and preserve the healthy bone structure of your face
  • Easy maintenance
  • The procedure only takes one day to complete.


  • They’re more expensive than removable (or temporary) dentures
  • You will have to undergo a surgical process
  • Can take several months and appointments until the dentures are placed into your mouth
  • Fixed dentures may be prone to infection and inflammation without proper care
  • Repairs can be costly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Dentures

Do you still have a few questions regarding permanent dentures? Don’t worry, Fixodent has got your back!

How long do fixed dentures last?

If you take care of them properly and visit your dentist regularly, your fixed dentures can last many years, potentially a lifetime.

What is the difference between fixed dentures and dental implants?

Implants are the small, metal cylinder-looking parts that get anchored into your jawbone via surgery. Following a long healing period that can last a few months (during which time the jawbone fuses together with the implants), your full permanent dentures will finally be attached to the dental implants.

How many implants do you need for snap-on dentures?

Snap-on dentures are composed of an acrylic resin bridge, which is fixed on four implants by a system of metal clips, also known as the locators.

Can dentures be put in permanently?

Yes! Fixed dentures are also known as permanent dentures, meaning that you will never have to remove it for cleaning or fear that they will slip and slide inside your mouth.

Are Permanent Dentures for You?

While we hope this quick rundown has managed to clear up any confusion you might’ve had regarding permanent dentures, it’s important to note that picking the right teeth-replacement solution should be a multistep decision. To that end, before casting the mold, be sure to check in with your dentist or dental specialist to discuss the available options. They will help you answer the most crucial question when it comes to fixed dentures: Are they actually for you?

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